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re: Halloo!

Heya folks. Figured I was long overdue to say hello and see how things are going, as well as let y'all know how things are going with me. I'll start with the latter.

Things have been pretty busy and stressful in my life, the biggest news being that I bought a house back in mid July. YAAAaaayy... In any case, I moved out of Calgary to a little town about 45min North of Calgary called Didsbury (pop. ~6000). My sister-in-law and her boyfriend (now fiancee and father of their new son) finally moved out of our old rental place in June, and taking account of our finances, figured that we could afford a down payment, and wouldn't have to work ourselves deeper into a hole by paying the full $1750 rent on our own. So we went house-hunting at the same time.

We fell in love with Didsbury, and a townhouse went on the market for $136,500 so we jumped on the opportunity, and broke our lease early. According to our lease agreement we would be responsible for rent until the landlord found a new tenant, and there was a penalty of one month's rent on top of it, but we figured it would be the same as losing our damage deposit so we could shoulder it. Oh how wrong I was.

Anyway, getting approved for the mortgage was a labourious process and it was pretty touch and go whether we would get the place. As such, I didn't want to mention anything to my landlord until we were sure. Well, turns out, by the time we told him, it was two weeks before he was going on a big family vacation road trip to California for three weeks. Long story short, he still hasn't found a new tenant, and we've had to pay three months of $1750 on top of the new mortgage. I've lost 9 pounds in the last month. Seems poverty is a great diet.

Anywho, there's been all kinds of other issues like having to buy a new dryer for our new place, the old rental lawn being taken over by weeds and me being responsible according to my initials next to that paragraph on the lease agreement to bring it back to life. I've been sick quite a bit this summer as well, probably due to a stress-weakened immune system. yadda yadda yadda now I just feel like I'm venting.

Anyways, with the longer commute in the mornings and boys being nightmares for bed-time, plus unpacking and housework (there are a few issues that need to be fixed up in the new place) my spare time these days is pretty limited to laying in bed on my phone until sleep takes me in the evening. =p

I really hope things are going better for everyone else! haha

"I just tend to think all Canadians are dashingly handsome and beautiful, but that's simply due to the abundance of reflective surfaces."
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