What are your membership demographics?

We’re an adult guild.  Our average age is somewhere in the late-20s/early-30s. We have a mixture of both men and women, including a few real-life couples. We’re pretty light-hearted and fun, although as an adult guild our vent conversation can at times tend towards 'colorful.' We don't find racism, sexism or hate language funny, though.

What type of guild are you?

Business Time is a casual guild suitable for semi-retired raiders. We used to raid a lot more (four nights a week for three hours per night) and take progression extremely sersiously. These days, we love having an environment where everyone can have a good time but still performs to the best of their abilities. If you used to raid for progression at a moderate to advanced level and you want someplace where you can kick back a little, still raid but with a very light schedule, we are your guild!

What are your raid times?

We have two raids each week, on any TWO of the following days: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:30-9:30 server time (PST). We try to maintain a good balance of farm raids and progression fights.

What is expected of your members?

  • You have a very thorough understanding of the mechanics of your class and have researched optimal talent builds, gear, and ability rotations.
  • You choose to use the best talents, gems, and enchants because you personally want to achieve maximum performance in raids, not because it’s a guild rule saying you must.
  • You have a high tolerance for wipes and repair bills when we’re learning a new encounter.
  • You readily accept accountability when you make a mistake (and everyone makes mistakes sometimes).
  • You are open to constructive criticism about how to improve your performance.
  • You show up to raids on time and prepared with flasks, fish feasts, reagents, and any other needed consumables.
  • You are self-sufficient and spend enough time playing the game outside of raids to earn gold for all your repairs, enchants, gems, flasks, and other consumables.
  • You have Mumble installed and a working microphone.
  • You recognize that this is a game and that we are all here to have fun!

Do you have any minimum attendance requirements?

No. As adult players, we know that real life doesn’t stop for the sake of attending a raid. It’s perfectly acceptable if you can’t attend any events for a week or two, but please be sure to let us know in advance.

Do you have “back up” or “benchwarmer” players?

No. If you’re on our active roster (Raider rank in the guild), you will receive a fair share of raid invites. Obviously not everyone will be able to attend every raid, but we make sure that nobody is asked to sit out too much and all active Raider-ranked members get to raid each week. This is usually an average of 2-3 raids each week, depending on role.

What are your loot rules?

It's really more of a loot priority system, and it's pretty simple:

Main Spec > Off Spec > Trial Members > Alts > Warlocks

(We're kidding about the warlocks... maybe).

All drops are briefly discussed over vent, and we can usually decide on a recipient pretty quickly. If two or more people would benefit from the item, we settle it with a roll. You’re permitted to win multiple epics per raid, but as a courtesy to your fellow guildmates, it’s appreciated if you pass after receiving 2-3 items. We all try to keep in mind where our fellow raiders are at with regards to gear. If something is a minor upgrade for you but a major one for someone else, it benefits us all if it goes to the lesser geared person.

How do I join Business Time?

You can use the link to the left to fill out an application that will then be posted to our forums. Once we've received your application, we'll get in touch with you. The next step is an interview on Mumble, if we think that we might be a good fit for each other. We never recruit anyone without this important step - we need to hear how you are, and you need to meet us! It delays the process a bit but we're going to be spending a lot of time together, we'd rather take our time and ensure that things will work out.

If after the interview we decide to extend an invitation to you, each new member will spend approximately two to three weeks as a Trial Member. This is when we get to see you play and decide whether you fit well with the guild (and are happy here). We give a time range for this because it depends on how often we've raided with you during that time. The period may be shorter or slightly longer. During this time, you may receive loot but are prioiritized lower than our raiders. You are not eligible to receive "special" loot (e.g. tier tokens) unless it's not needed by a full member.

Please note that we are strictly a 10-man raiding guild. We've raided only tens since Wrath. We don't run 25-player raids as a guild, and we have no interest in expanding to the size where we could. We've always been passionate about our progression, even when the rewards weren't equal to the larger raids. Our mindset hasn't changed! If all you care about is getting the best loot in the game, then we're not the guild for you.  On the other hand, if you recognize that loot is not the end-goal of raiding but merely a tool to make yourself a better player, we might be a good fit.  We raid for the fun and excitement of defeating content and hanging out with friends, not acquiring purple pixels.

Just because we don't focus on 25-mans doesn't mean we're "casuals" or bad players, though.  We chose 10s because we prefer the greater sense of friendship and camaraderie that comes from playing with a smaller group.  Most of our members have formerly belonged to ultra hardcore 40- and 25-man progression guilds, and we've decided that's not for us.

So if you're a skilled player committed to defeating content in a relaxed but dedicated environment with like-minded people, we might just be the guild for you.

*Adapted from the orignal FAQ and application post written by Abima