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Business Time is a guild focused on overcoming the challenges of all 10 man end-game raid content. Based on Moonrunner US, we've been killing internet dragons for almost five years together. We are friends and adults who approach WoW with maturity. (At least 90% of the time!)

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Hans'gar & Fran'zok

by Millya, 179 days ago

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Heroic Hans'gar and Fran'zok are down, way to go guys!

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by Millya, 214 days ago

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Heroic Brackenspore

by Millya, 218 days ago

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Congratulations on this kill, everybody. Particularly everyone with special missions handled them well: Shaen and Zierlyn for doing the flamethrowers while still DPSing, Supp and I with those stupid peashooter guys. This fight is all about control. Healers and tanks also did a great job under pressure.

I can't wait to face new bosses on Monday! Even if they happen to be Tectus. Wednesday's raid was one of those nights where you finish the raid and just feel awesome because everything fell into place and everyone rocked.

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