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Business Time is a guild focused on overcoming the challenges of all 10 man end-game raid content. Based on Moonrunner US, we've been killing internet dragons for almost five years together. We are friends and adults who approach WoW with maturity. (At least 90% of the time!)

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Heroic Fallen Protectors

by Millya, 255 days ago

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We're just rolling over the heroics! Great job, all. 4/14 heroic!

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Heroic Galakras

by Millya, 257 days ago

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Heroic Galakras is down! Great job everyone; tower teams and folks handling the grunts as well as tanks and healers, we all had to really focus to get this one.

Note, Business Time is still recruiting for two positions, see details in the post below.

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Business Time Recruitment

by Millya, 264 days ago

After a long stretch without needing to look for any new players, Business Time is recruiting again!

We are looking for two players to add to our roster: a healer and a DPS. Preference would be a resto druid or holy priest, and a DPS willing and able to very occasionally off-tank (monk, warrior, death knight, paladin, druid, etc.) We raid just four hours a week; from 6:30-8:30 PST on two of: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We are currently 4/14 H in Siege of Orgrimmar and will continue to progress through heroic encounters until Warlords of Draenor. We will not be expanding our size for mythic content in WoD.

Have you been playing Warcraft so long that you used to be in college and now you have kids? Did you love downing hard-modes but you don't have time to commit to a ton of raiding and you'd like to see the content without being subjected to LFR? Would you like to raid with a fun group of folks on an efficient schedule?

Then Business Time is the right guild for you! We consider ourselves a "home for semi-retired raiders." At just four hours per week, our schedule is very light and we're okay with that. Unlike many other casual guilds, we have a hardcore background. During our nearly five years as a guild we have gone from raiding four nights per week (12 hours) gradually to our current schedule.

We raided strict tens throughout Wrath and achieved Bane of the Fallen King and Firelord among other accolades. What we have retained from that time is a crew of people who like to excel. Our raiding is a social activity, but that doesn't mean we slack off. The reason we have so much fun is that we won't compensate for folks who struggle with fire or movement. Our primary goal now is fun and completing the content on normal modes instead of heroic progression, but wiping to the same thing twenty times isn't fun for us. Heroic progression is something we will pursue after clearing normals if time allows before the next tier.

Our expansive and socialist guild bank provides:

*Enchants/Enchant materials including leg/belt enchants
*Gems (both raw and cut)
*Repair costs

Our demographic is primarily late 20s through 30s. We are lawyers and techies, businessmen, firemen and artists. We are a laid-back group with a penchant for puns (okay, maybe that's just me) and a good sense of humour. We are a solid community of friends that game together and have remained strong as a guild for nearly five years (our birthday is in April!)

We'd like:

-(1) DPS player that is either ranged or melee, Preference given to players that fill a role not currently occupied and/or someone who is willing to keep a tank off-spec should the need arise. We don't have any warriors or druids at all so a DPS druid with tanking off-spec, DPS warrior, DK, etc.

We raid (2) of Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 6:30-8:30 PST. This is determined each week based on sign-ups, so some weeks we might raid Monday/Wednesday and others Monday/Thursday. Very rarely we will raid Wednesday/Thursday. We keep a small bench to cover for people who are unavailable, but generally you will be able to raid both of those nights with occasional sitting. You can read more about us at or direct any questions to Battle Tag: Vidyala#1342. If you'd like to make an alt on Moonrunner US to speak with us, look for Millya, Vosskah, Shaen or Ghirrl. Thanks for your interest and best of luck in your guild search!

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